Sunday, January 9, 2011

RIFT: A game full of win.

Many of you might be avid MMORPG fans, and as MMO fans, you're always looking for the next big game, one that will make you lose sleep, friends, and start to smell like the under-side of an elephant. My love for this game all started with my friend(a hard-core World of Warcraft player) suggested that I play this epic new game. Slightly reluctant, I checked it out. Now, rift is still in it's beta stage, but it's an open-beta so don't fret! I almost immediately got in, and started downloading it. After about an 8 gig download, I patched up the game and hit play. When you enter the world you get to pick between two factions, the The Guardians, and the Defiant. Each Faction has four different races, all with amazing character models. After selecting which race I wanted to roam the world with, I got a choice of four classes, Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, and Mage. Me, being a lover of hiding and the shadows and stalking your prey, I chose rogue. Alright, time to enter the world! On arrival you get a quest that's a simple "talk to what's her face and get free shit quest". After completing and getting a hefty chunk of exp, she let's you decide on your first soul! What's a soul you may ask? In this game, along with your initial class, you get choose between a bazillion different "souls" which allow you to special your class more, you can make a rogue into a ranger, a warrior into a paladin, and whole host of awesome things. Not only do you get one soul, but you get to have up to three souls at one time! That's ALOT of class customization in my opinion, and that's exactly what I've been wanting. Now, let's get the good ol' face-rollin' combat. This game has an absolutely brilliant combat system, and even though it's still in beta, it is astonishing me. This game has so many feature that it would take a year to review them all. So, I suggest you check out right here ----> <------. If for some odd reason you do not get into the beta(Q_Q), it will be officially released on March 1, 2011.
Hope you all have an enjoyable time with the game!