Friday, January 14, 2011


Ah, do you remember playing Warcraft III DOTA to the wee hours of the morning, drinkin' the dew as if it was water, and eating hot pockets until you shit peperoni? Well, I personally missed that nostalgic feel, and recently decided to pick up Warcraft III again. After the very short DL, I attempt to log into my account, and for some odd reason my account is perma-banned! What, a bummer. Never fear, google is here! I scorer the inner-most depths of the search engine hoping that I can find some generic DOTA-esque game to get my fix. After some time, I see a game abbreviated LoL, and all I can think of how horrid this game is going to be, and how the lay-out of the website is going to look like a six-year old with downs did it. But, much to my dismay, this game, League of Legends, actually looks decent! So, I commence the download! Ah, you've got to love 3mbs internet :). After a hilariously short download, I register for an account and I commence the face-rolling! LoL, is very similar to DotA, and is simply brilliant! It most definitely took the edge off my craving, and even replaced it with another, new Lol'able addiction! I highly recommend LoL, especially if you're an avid fan of DotA!



  1. i'll have to check it out sometime, i liked warcraft III...

  2. Haha nice stuff man, love it - keep it up and i'm following now! My blogs at:

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  3. ya i miss the grind too

  4. Man WCIII was awesome. Thanks for reminding me of it.