Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn!

Finally, it is here! Yes, they finally released a new addition to the beloved Golden Sun series! The project for the game was dropped by the original developers, and later picked up some years later by another group willing to fully embody all that is Golden sun!
If you are not familiar with the series, it is a game composed of the Protagonist and his friends adventuring around a world in utter chaos. It resembles the games in the Final Fantasy series, with a few adjustments. You get to interact with the environment around you with powers known as "Psyenergy". Not only do these powers allow you to interact with the environment,  but it also allows you to demolish your adversaries.
Luckily, this game has been a wait worthwhile. This game lived up to the other two in the series, and in ways surpassed it. It took me over thirty hours to completely beat the game, and I'd say it's a game worth re-playing.
All-in-all, I say buy this game whether you're a veteran to the game, or a complete noob!