Friday, January 14, 2011


Ah, do you remember playing Warcraft III DOTA to the wee hours of the morning, drinkin' the dew as if it was water, and eating hot pockets until you shit peperoni? Well, I personally missed that nostalgic feel, and recently decided to pick up Warcraft III again. After the very short DL, I attempt to log into my account, and for some odd reason my account is perma-banned! What, a bummer. Never fear, google is here! I scorer the inner-most depths of the search engine hoping that I can find some generic DOTA-esque game to get my fix. After some time, I see a game abbreviated LoL, and all I can think of how horrid this game is going to be, and how the lay-out of the website is going to look like a six-year old with downs did it. But, much to my dismay, this game, League of Legends, actually looks decent! So, I commence the download! Ah, you've got to love 3mbs internet :). After a hilariously short download, I register for an account and I commence the face-rolling! LoL, is very similar to DotA, and is simply brilliant! It most definitely took the edge off my craving, and even replaced it with another, new Lol'able addiction! I highly recommend LoL, especially if you're an avid fan of DotA!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

RIFT: A game full of win.

Many of you might be avid MMORPG fans, and as MMO fans, you're always looking for the next big game, one that will make you lose sleep, friends, and start to smell like the under-side of an elephant. My love for this game all started with my friend(a hard-core World of Warcraft player) suggested that I play this epic new game. Slightly reluctant, I checked it out. Now, rift is still in it's beta stage, but it's an open-beta so don't fret! I almost immediately got in, and started downloading it. After about an 8 gig download, I patched up the game and hit play. When you enter the world you get to pick between two factions, the The Guardians, and the Defiant. Each Faction has four different races, all with amazing character models. After selecting which race I wanted to roam the world with, I got a choice of four classes, Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, and Mage. Me, being a lover of hiding and the shadows and stalking your prey, I chose rogue. Alright, time to enter the world! On arrival you get a quest that's a simple "talk to what's her face and get free shit quest". After completing and getting a hefty chunk of exp, she let's you decide on your first soul! What's a soul you may ask? In this game, along with your initial class, you get choose between a bazillion different "souls" which allow you to special your class more, you can make a rogue into a ranger, a warrior into a paladin, and whole host of awesome things. Not only do you get one soul, but you get to have up to three souls at one time! That's ALOT of class customization in my opinion, and that's exactly what I've been wanting. Now, let's get the good ol' face-rollin' combat. This game has an absolutely brilliant combat system, and even though it's still in beta, it is astonishing me. This game has so many feature that it would take a year to review them all. So, I suggest you check out right here ----> <------. If for some odd reason you do not get into the beta(Q_Q), it will be officially released on March 1, 2011.
Hope you all have an enjoyable time with the game!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review For Project Blackout!

Many of you, like me, are always craving for something new and exciting to play, but often do not have the money to shell out on a $60 game. Fortunately, for you FPS fans, I have found a fairly decent, completely free FPS. It's called Project Blackout and is developed and owned by SG Interactive. At first glance it has the facade of a bland, and cliche FPS, but after further investigation it yields a lot more than that. PB has a unique system for winning and losing, it faintly resembles capture the base, but here, you have to basically destroy(shoot down) essentially a giant generator, and who ever demolishes it first, wins. I spent many hours playing this game this past week, and it's been a boat-load of fun. One down-fall of this game is the fact that it uses a cash shop, but luckily, all of the items that are bought there can be redeemed for credits that you earn for winning matches, albeit it is much slower to get upgrades using that method. All-in-all, great game, and I'd highly recommend checking it out!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn!

Finally, it is here! Yes, they finally released a new addition to the beloved Golden Sun series! The project for the game was dropped by the original developers, and later picked up some years later by another group willing to fully embody all that is Golden sun!
If you are not familiar with the series, it is a game composed of the Protagonist and his friends adventuring around a world in utter chaos. It resembles the games in the Final Fantasy series, with a few adjustments. You get to interact with the environment around you with powers known as "Psyenergy". Not only do these powers allow you to interact with the environment,  but it also allows you to demolish your adversaries.
Luckily, this game has been a wait worthwhile. This game lived up to the other two in the series, and in ways surpassed it. It took me over thirty hours to completely beat the game, and I'd say it's a game worth re-playing.
All-in-all, I say buy this game whether you're a veteran to the game, or a complete noob!