Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review For Project Blackout!

Many of you, like me, are always craving for something new and exciting to play, but often do not have the money to shell out on a $60 game. Fortunately, for you FPS fans, I have found a fairly decent, completely free FPS. It's called Project Blackout and is developed and owned by SG Interactive. At first glance it has the facade of a bland, and cliche FPS, but after further investigation it yields a lot more than that. PB has a unique system for winning and losing, it faintly resembles capture the base, but here, you have to basically destroy(shoot down) essentially a giant generator, and who ever demolishes it first, wins. I spent many hours playing this game this past week, and it's been a boat-load of fun. One down-fall of this game is the fact that it uses a cash shop, but luckily, all of the items that are bought there can be redeemed for credits that you earn for winning matches, albeit it is much slower to get upgrades using that method. All-in-all, great game, and I'd highly recommend checking it out!


  1. Thanks for the tip, if it's free it's always worth it to try out :)

  2. Nice, I needed a new game to play. thx, bro!

  3. Smile - No problem. The best things in life are free :).

    Tits - You're very welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself ^_^!